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Whist Card Game - Rules & Strategy

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Whist Card Game Online

The Whist card game is a popular trick-taking game where players need to apply good focus and sharp mental agility skills. It comprises distinct variations to keep card lovers engrossed for hours!Hang out for a Whist online party with a basic knowledge of the Whist card game rules, strategies, gameplay, and terminologies. Passionate card game players must try out this game where you need to quickly win tricks based on suit trump and win hands!

Whist: Play it Online Set up

The Whist card game online is played amongst 2-4 players generally. Players need a standard 52-Cards deck to play a trick taking game like Whist online but only after removing jokers from it. Card rankings range from high to low (A K Q J 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2). An average Whist Game lasts for about 30 minutes, and it offers a medium winning probability for the players.

Whist Card Game Objective

The aim is winning the hands by leading every round with a card having a suit trump of higher card value. Scoring higher is the only way to defeat opponents and win the Whist online game.

Rules of the Game

  • In a Whist game online, 4 players sit in partnership with 2 in the opposite direction to each other. In the 2 player version, they play against each other.
  • Players in the Whist card game online draw or cut the cards to determine partners while in a few Whists, the automated teams are set.
  • The dealer shuffles the card deck and the player to the right cuts the deck as per Whist card game rules.
  • When you play Whist online, you receive 13 cards from the dealer, each at a time in a face-down position.
  • The game rules state that the dealer keeps the last card in the face-up position and determines the trump suit for the play. This card remains as a face-up position at the side.
  • The next deal moves in the clockwise direction as per the game rules.

Players can opt for trump suits only when they do not hold any running suit card. Thus, trumps can help you to win tricks irrespective of the higher card ranks put up by other players.

Whist Gameplay

  • The player at the dealer's left starts the game by keeping any of their top-value cards in the center of the table with a face-up position.
  • The next player clockwise follows the similar suit led if any is available.
  • Tricks in the Whist card game online are won by the player or team who put up high-value cards with a leading suit.
  • The Trump card placed as face-up by the dealer is picked up by the last player in the round, who replaces it with the card from the suit led.
  • If any player does not have a running suit card in the trick, they can play the trump suit card and win as card rank is not applicable here. So when you play Whist online, Trump can favor you with winning tricks.
  • The player with the highest number of tricks at the end of all 13 rounds wins the game.
  • The Whist game is truly enjoyable once you learn the basic rules of the game along with winning tips.
  • The scoring in the game depends on the tricks recorded by the players.

Scoring in the Whist card game

Whist online is played in either team or as single players. The team or individual players in Whists with higher tricks reach the top score. Every trick is equivalent to 1 point as per the Whist Game online. So, when you play Whist online as a team, the team hitting the score of 5 points first wins the game.

Tips and Tricks

Initiate the Whist card game online always with the strongest suit in hand if you are about to begin the play. This can increase your scope of winning initial tricks easily.

  • Try to shed out top value cards in each trick so that you win the maximum tricks at the start.
  • If you hold the Ace of a few suits in Whist, reserve them to play in the last tricks as they could help you win the last rounds.
  • Whist is a simple game, but you can try variations to master the game and allow it to last longer.

Important Terminologies

  • Deal - The process of card distribution by the dealer is dealt with as per the rules.
  • Dealer - The one who manages and completes the game for all players on the table.
  • Dummy - The Meaning of Dummy varies as per the Whists variations. In the 3-player Whist online game, four hands are dealt, and the fourth one is kept face-up in front of the dealer known as Dummy.
  • Finesse - It is a tactic of saving higher value cards of running suits. The player in the Whist Game puts off the lower-value suit card despite having a higher value. In partnership games, it is often done so that the one who played the trick can win a hand with an intermediate value card and save higher ones for later tricks.
  • Grand Slam - Any single team in Whists who win all 13 tricks is known as Grand Slam.
  • Honors - In Whists, these are the additional scores assigned to any team having face cards like A, K, Q, and J of the trump suit.
  • Lead - The top value suit card in each trick of Whists is known as Lead.
  • Rubber - When you play 3 Whist online games in a row, the best of them is calculated to determine the winner.
  • Small Slam - Any team that wins 12 tricks is termed a small slam.
  • Trick - Every round in a Whist Game where the players play 1 card each to complete one round forms a trick.
  • Trump - After the dealer dealt 13 cards to each player on the table, the last one is kept as a face-up to decide the trump suit. It can beat opponents despite higher rank cards to win tricks. Players can use trumps only when they do not hold the running suit in a trick as per the Whist Card Game Rules.

Whist Game Variants

Check out the top variants to play Whist online with friends and family!

  • Knockout Whists
  • Bid Whist
  • Call-Ace
  • Boston
  • Catch the Ten
  • Colour Whist

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Knockout Whist is one of the coolest variations you must try if you fail to find the time to play them all. The object of the Knockout Whists game is to claim at least one trick during each round of the game.If you fail to do so, you have knocked out right away. The highest-ranking card from trump suits wins the trick. If no trumps are played, then the card with the highest value from the lead suit wins the trick in Knockout Whist.

Play Whist online in your circle and score high by winning maximum tricks. Players can also surge the excitement level by trying its different variations for an engaging and immersive experience.With a handy video tutorial to play Whist online, you can grasp the game rules and terminologies to hit the highest scores! If Whists seems like a great card game option to try this weekend, switch to rummybo and explore 13 Card Rummy games to win real money

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Whist Card Game FAQ

The similarity between Whists and Bridge is that both are 4 player games and played with 13 cards each. The only difference is in Whists the trump suit leads the game, while in Bridge, there are additional rules like no-Trump at all, or dealers might ask partners to announce the suit.

Yes, You can play the Whist card game online with 2 players. There will be no partnerships, and the players try to defeat each other with maximum tricks. Play more rummy bo games like 13 card rummy across stakes with friends and players nationwide to win real money.

Scoring in a Whist Game is determined by the winning tricks. Each trick holds 1 point and the team or player with maximum tricks wins the game. However, in certain variations of this game, the scoring pattern might vary as per the Whist card game rules.

For partnership Whist card game online, 4 players are required to be divided into teams of 2 each. 2 players can also enjoy Whists by playing as individuals. If you are fanatic about online rummy bo games, try our next and exciting bunch of rummy bo games online such as rummybo and play to win real cash with your talent. Enjoy as many games as you like and invite your friends over to have some really fun times together whenever!

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