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Crazy Eights

Crazy Eights is a traditional classic card game that one can play between two or more players. The main objective of the Crazy Eight Card game is to get rid of the cards in hand. This card shedding game is immensely popular due to the skill set, adaptive skills, and decision-making process involved in the game. A player in the Crazy 8 card game online can discard a card onto a pile by matching the number or suit of the previous card.

So, let's dive into the rules of how a basic Crazy Eights card game can be played. You can play Crazy Eights games with a standard pack of 52 cards. If there are more than two players in the game, you play using two decks of 52 cards each. A deal deals five cards to each player to each player to start the Crazy 8 card game online. The remaining cards are stacked face down on the table and are stored as a pile. The top card of the deck/pile is turned face up to commence the game. As the game starts, each player plays a legal card face up from the discard pile or draws a card from the un-dealt stock.

Crazy Eight Game Rules

  • If the top card of a discarded card in the pile is not eight a player can play any card that matches the rank or suit of the previous card. For example, if the top card was king of spade you can play the game with either any king or any spade.
  • A Crazy Eights Game can be played with any card with eight on it and the player with eight cards must nominate the suit.
  • If the card with eight is the one at the top of the pile, a player can play the game with another card with eight numerical values or nominate the other player who played the eight game.
  • When you play Crazy eights, if the dealer has turned up eight by the dealer as the first card from the play pile. The dealer will look at his or her hand and then nominate a suit.
  • As one progresses in this Card Game and discards an eight, it will be considered a wild card and the player can choose which suit one should continue playing with.
  • The players must continue to play in the circle until there is no card left with the player. The player with zero cards at the end of the Crazy eights card game is the winner.

Crazy 8 Game Online - Special Cards in

To play Crazy Eights rummy bo games is somewhat similar to that of a game of Uno. It has several special cards that are very important. These cards play a major role in creating the right impact on the game. Some cards features that are truly significant include:

  • Eight:- This is considered as a special card and allows a player to call out the new suit and continue to play Crazy eight games.
  • Queen:- If one player has a queen card he/she can skip their turn. The Queen card gives one an upper hand over others.
  • Ace:- You can reverse the order of the game if you have an Ace card. Ace allows you to have control of the Crazy 8 game and have an upper hand on the game.
  • Two and Four:- Some basic cards such as two and four allow one to control the flow of the game. Issuing two forces one to draw 2 cards. If the other player responds with a two, the other player will no longer have to draw two cards. Similarly, 4's can be used to compel other players to draw four cards in the game.

Tips to Play Crazy 8 Game

  • When you play Crazy Eights online, eight can be used on every suit. The eight cards in the game of crazy eights are one of the most important cards. They are considered perfect cards and can be used across the game. It is not imperative that the card matches the suit of the game.
  • If you have an opportunity in a Crazy Eights card game to change the suit, always opt for those suits of which you have maximum cards.
  • You can use eight at any point in the game to change the suit in Crazy Eights online. This gives you an opportunity to mold the game in your favor and mess the heads of your opponents.

Scoring Rules in Crazy 8 Game

Scoring in Crazy Eights online is done as per the following:

  • 8s:- Eights are eligible for 50 points
  • Face Cards:- Each face cards carry ten points
  • Ace Card:- An Ace card has the value of one point
  • Rest Cards:- All the other cards are valued on the basis of their numeric value

The player with zero cards in hand wins the game. However, the final scoring of the Crazy Eights game is done based on the value and points of all the cards in hand.

Winning Hacks in Crazy 8 Game

By now you know choosing to play Crazy Eights rummy bo games can be super fun! So, how about knowing a few hacks to enjoy an edge over your friends? Nothing too fancy, but they just might work!

  • If you choose to throw an eight, you can do this two ways to have an edge. Either pick a suit of which you have the maximum cards to play or pick a suit which minimizes the options of your opponents to play cards of thaat suit.
  • In the Crazy 8 game, it's always better to play the top cards first when you are trying to match a suit in order to secure yourself maximum points.

That's it. Spruce things up with your friends with the Crazy Eights card game and make your next get together super fun!

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