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cash games are all the noise among the internet of things today. The scope of earning real money as a side hustle is attractive enough for people to stake their skills in online cash games during spare hours.

Frankly, if you know your game well enough to mint some profit consistently, there's no entertaining way as good as online games to make some extra bucks.

The real job is, narrowing down your search in this enormous world of all real cash games. If you take our advice, skill based Online Card Game are one of the best picks in cash games as they consume less time and effort than your endless virtual universe of action packed thrillers. We won't stray around and shall prune your search to bring forth only the best today.

Here are a bunch of thrillers from the list of the best real cash games that you can play during free time and win cash rewards for real.

Rummy Game

Many don't need introduction to this card game, but we shall assume some of us might. 13 Card rummy is one of the best free cash games online that doesn't demand a lot from you. With the growth of real cash games apps today, the accesibility to play and win real cash games is easy as pie.

This holds strong in regard to fun easy on the mind games like 13 card Rummy. Unlike Poker, you can take it easy and gather your friends for a Sunday game or simply play online with random players and enjoy your time.

Gaming apps typically host real cash games according to stakes and the level of experience. Thankfully, a game of Rummy doesn't take long to understand the rules. You can choose to play a couple practice games and once you get the hang of it, pick a credible cash games apk app and try all real cash games as per your skill level.

Game Objective

The objective of the game is simple. 13 cards are dealt to all players which you must arrange into valid combinations of sets and sequences. The first player to arrange all their cards and make a valid show wins the game with zero points.

The losing players accrue penalty points for their unmatched cards . In several rounds of games, the player with the least amount of points becomes the winner. The best real cash games have managed to up the ante of rummy games by hosting various tournaments and leagues with gigantic prize pools that are worth competing for.

Rummy games are ideal to play duing lunch breaks or after college hours and perhaps the easiest choice to let off some steam. There are different variants of rummy featured on gaming applications today. As such, you can switch between them and keep the fun alive.

Solitaire Game

If you have played any card game, this game is hard to miss. Solitaire became popular in the 1990s when Microsoft introduced this game in their operating system. Every individual who owned a PC back then is inevitably expected to have played a few games during free hours.

Solitaire is a single player game that has now come out of its Windows shell and now can be enjoyed on your tiny devices if you have the rummybo app. Play online cash games of Solitaire on rummybo now and make your solo hours highly productive with some real cash.

Game Rules

The rules are simple, all you need to do is sort all cards according to their respective suits in a sequential order and place them into their empty foundations.

Trick Taking Games

  • Call Break
  • Dehla Pakad

Call Break and Dehla Pakad are two exciting rummy bo games that call for excellent strategy, calculative risk taking and acute observational skills.

The basic nature of call break games requires you to collect a certain number of tricks based on the estimated bids you need to make at the beginning of the game. The player who manages to collect the most number of tricks receives positive points and becomes the winner.

In Dehla Pakad Game , you not only need to collect the maximum number of tricks but also collect the most number of "tens" to collect quick points and accelerate your walk towards victory.

Both Call Break and Dehla Pakad include the concept of Trump cards that can fetch you hands if you run out of cards of the lead suit. The difference is: Spades is the default trump card in Call break whereas in Dehla Pakad, the same is decided during the course of the game.

Melding Games

We talked about 13 Card Rummy. But there's more. From its long list of cousins, Pool Rummy, 10 Card Rummy, Deals Rummy, Points Rummy are typical examples of the best melding rummy bo games that you csn play to win real cash games.

Played best between 2 to 6 players, you are dealt a fixed number of cards which you need to sort into specific melds of sets and sequences as per the rules of the game.

The player who arranges their cards first among all and makes a valid show wins the game with zero points. The rest of the players get penalty points for their unmatched cards.

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Well, that's all for today. This was our list of the best online cash games that make for excellent choices to fetch extra bucks during weekends. All of them require a different set of skills and strategy. If yoy are up for learning and earning from something new, take a shot at one of these today and go win some!

Royalty Points & Fantasy Land

Players also receive Royalty Points in OFC poker for scoring big hands. These are bonus points that you get besides the points earned for each row. To top it all, if any player manages to score Queens or better in the top row, he or she enters FantasyLand.

Entering fantasyland gives you an additional perk of all hands being dealt together at once. This sets an additional advantage of making the best 13 card hand at once rather than waiting for your cards in all three rounds.

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T23 Game

This one is a rummybo exclusive card game that's a spicy variation of Teen Patti. Here, players are dealt a set of 8 cards each that must be divided into groups of 3.

The first set must consist of 3 cards, the 2nd second 2 cards and the third set should have 3 cards. Like a game of Poker, T23 game also consists of a set of hand rankings that must be followed when you arrange your cards in these groups.

The first group must have the best hand, followed by two cards with a possible strong hand. The third group must form the second best hand in the T23 game.

T23 is a fast paced card game that can be enjoyed immensely during lunch breaks with your friends and colleagues. The best part is that you can play real cash games of T23 on rummybo and win real cash every time you win!

Poker Game

Most Popular Variations are -

Texas Hold'em Poker

Texas Hold'em is inarguably the giant in the world of skill based rummy bo games that can earn you a fortune. However, for this dream to be real, you must learn the game intriciacies and need to be really good at your game. This variant of poker is the first choice for beginners as the rules are simpler to learn and the pace of the game is optimal to catch on.

Game Objective

Played best in groups of 4 to 6 players, Texas Hol'dem is a thrilling game that requires a certain set of skills to ravage the felts. The game requires you make the strongest five card hand with the help of your two hole cards with another five cards laid on the table according to the poker hand rankings.

During the course of the game, you need to place bets in a series of four wagering rounds as per the strength of your hand. The last player standing wins the round and the pot money.

Whether it's free cash games or real cash games online, you need to think critically, be strategic in your betting practice and should be able to read the actions of your opponents so as to make informed decisions on the table and stay on the winning side of the game.

It is easy to get excited or equally frustrated in this game which is why you need to practice emotional control, learn the pot odds and keep things tight at the felts. If you respect the game, this game shall reward you in plenty.

How to Get Started to Play?

Beginners should take their time with playing online cash games and should ideally start with free cash games online that reward you with core practice skills and maybe even bonus chips for a kickstart.

So, if you are getting started , check out the PokerBaazi real cash games app, sign up and feel free to hit the free entry tournaments tab and learn and play this game from scratch. You win real bonus chips that you can utilize at the cash tables and earn real money without spending anything from your game bankroll.

PokerBaazi hosts the best online cash games and tournaments across stakes, from micro to high stakes; so you can pick one as per your bankroll and win real money without investing a hefty amount. You may visit the official website and get the real cash games apk link on your smartphone and sign up with a free account to get started right away.

Omaha Poker

If you have some experience playing Texas Hold'em before and are looking for a change of pace, Omaha Poker is your jam. The basic rules of the game are the same, i.e. the betting rounds and the hand rankings.

How is it different from Hold'em?

  • The only thing that changes in this variation is the number of hole cards. Instead of two, Omaha poker deals four hole cards. This inherently changes the pace of the game and doubles up the action and fattens the pot. The possibilities of hitting bigger hands become wider and hence, the raises and consequently, earnings in PLO online cash games can be enormous.
  • This also means playing for bigger pots increases the risk factor of winning and losing equally big chunks of money. When playing real cash games online of Omaha poker, you must change your strategy as smaller holdings do not count for much. A Flush can be a winning hand in Hold'em, but the same can easily be beaten by a bigger Flush in Omaha.
  • So, one must exercise caution when playing PLO poker and must be able to adapt to the faster nature of the game and strategize accordingly. Quite frankly, Omaha poker is even more rewarding than Hold'em and hence, happens to be a favourite among ace players. That being said, players must follow the proper learning curve if one wishes to be in it for the long run.
  • Both Hold'em and Omaha can attract players longing to make a fortune, but the reality of the game dictates consistent effort and practical knowledge to be a skilled player who can sustain variance and still emerge victorious in the end.
  • Besides the money, playing poker regularly can teachand reward you real life skills that can empower you in other facets of life: mathemetical prowess, emotional intelligence, analytical thinking, risk management and even the art of bluffing!

Pineapple Poker

While Hold'em and Omaha are the wild dogs in town, Pineapple Poker aka OFC poker is the most unconventional variation of them all. The only thing that's akin to the former two cousins are the poker hand rankings based on which hands are made and winners are determined in OFC Poker.

So, what's different about this one, is this better, more profitable, exciting or simply lame? Let's find out.

Game Objective

Open Face Chinese Poker or OFC Poker is a swift and brisk variation of poker that revolves around a fixed points system wherein players are awarded a different set of points based on the poker hands they are able to create. As such, Pineapple Poker doesn't require chips to play at all.

When you play online cash games of OFC, you win real money based on the number of points you gain when the game ends. OFC poker is best played among two to three players with a standard deck of 52 cards.

The ultimate goal of every player is to form the strongest 13-card hand in a series of three distinct rows. Scoring is unique in each of these rows for different sets of poker hands.

Game Rules

When you play real cash games online, there are certain rules to be followed when you attempt to make your 13-card OFC hand.

  • The top row consists of three cards and will be the weakest hand out of three.
  • The 2nd row includes five cards and should be better than the top row.
  • The 3rd or the bottom row shall have five cards and must be the strongest of all three hands.
  • If the bottom hand doesn't follow the aforementioned rules, then the player is declared to have a dead hand and fouled the game. As a result, he loses all points made from the three rows.

In all real cash games of OFC Poker, players are dealt 14 cards in a series of three rounds out of which one must be discarded. The remaining cards must be arranged in three rows as per the OFC rules. Once that's done, a showdown happens and players have scored points by comparing the strength of their respective hands in each row.

If a player wins all three rows, it is called a scoop and earns you 6 bonus points. When you play OFC on a real cash games apk app, like Hold'em and Omaha, players need to place blinds to kickstart action in OFC Poker.

Since the number of cards dealt are too many compared to their older cousins, naturally, the nature of hands made will be bigger and the game ends relatively quicker than Hold'em and Omaha.

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