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Solitaire Game Online


Solitaire game online is one of the many variations of patience games and is played online for free. It can be a single or two-player game where a player has to arrange cards in descending order in alternate-coloured suits.

So, if you're a solitaire rummy bo games enthusiast, you've come to the right place. It is because rummybo aims to revolutionise online playing card games and give them the spot they deserve.

Moreover, we are soon going to launch the said playing card game on our app; hence it is important to analyse different aspects of free online solitaire games even though it is a single-player game that requires a certain level of detail, focus and skills.

It is because these attributes assist in creating high scores or solving the game within a record time, forcing the players to think multiple steps ahead.

History of Solitaire

The history of solitaire games is shrouded in mystery to date. It comes as a surprise as rummy bo games aficionados have turned every possible page in search of an answer. While it is easier to trace the different solitaire games that originated in the 2nd half of the 20th century to their creator, this journey of discovery becomes hard to follow for any game older than that.

However, there are certain pieces of information that help us get a clear picture of the history and, possibly, origin of these games. If historians are to be believed, then the solitaire game first came into sight at the end of the 18th century in Europe.

There is an existing debate among researchers on the region of its origin, whether it first came to life in Scandinavia or Eastern Europe. Nonetheless, solitaire rummy bo games gained popularity in France during the 19th century.

Gradually, the game became popular in the UK and Germany by the end of the 19th century. The game is known as Patience all over the world except for the US and Canada. It is believed that the Solitaire card game was named Patience earlier as it was generally used as an exercise to improve patience.

Today, with the change in time, classic solitaire rummy bo games are available to play on websites and even mobile applications against opponents in real-time. It won't come as a surprise if the number of players competing against each other increases in future.

To play the Solitaire card game and enjoy such amazing and competitive gameplay, all you need to do is download rummybo on your mobile device.

Rules for Solitaire Game

Currently, there are multiple variations of this game that are ready to play. They all have some general common rules that steer the game toward a smooth and seamless experience. Those general common rules are:


To play the solitaire card game, you need a standard deck of 52 cards. To play the game physically, players need to exclude or discard the joker or any instructional card and then shuffle the cards in their hands. On the other hand, you can play the game right away as the cards are automatically shuffled when playing online.


The solitaire game is usually played with a standard French deck of 52 playing cards. Cards are distributed in four different piles in solitaire rummy bo games online, especially Classic Solitaire or Spider Solitaire. These piles are:


The seven piles that collectively form the main table in the game are called tableau. While the top cards in each tableau column are arranged face-up, the remaining cards in the pile are face-down cards.


The four empty piles in the upper right corner are called foundations, each for the respective suit. The cards are placed in their respective suit pile in descending order, starting with the aces.


The pile of facedown cards in the upper left corner is called the Stockpile.

Waste pile

The faceup pile next to the stock is called the waste pile. The playing cards are in a faceup arrangement in this pile whenever the player clicks on the Stock.

Game Objective of Solitaire

The objective of solitaire games is to create and build four stacks of sequence piles of cards of the same suit in ascending order from the Ace (low) to the King (high). Once the player creates these suited piles in this order, they move to the foundation piles and the game is won.


Free solitaire games are played to rearrange the cards in a deck by suit and rank. However, you can move the cards only as per the restrictions mentioned. The restrictions may vary depending on the variation of online solitaire rummy bo games like classic solitaire or spider solitaire.


King is high, while Ace is low in the solitaire card game online. The ranking of playing cards in descending order is King, Queen, Jack, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, and Ace (1).

How to Set Up a Solitaire Game?

The Solitaire game is set up under four different piles, called Tableau, Foundation, Stock and Waste pile. The cards on the tableau are arranged as per the tableau sequence, meaning pile 1 will have one card, pile 2 will have two cards, pile 3 will have 3 cards and so on.

The bottom card in each pile is placed face up while the remaining cards are face down cards. Moreover, the cards left after arranging the tableau are placed on the stock face-down. Although the foundation and waste piles start off empty in the game, the cards from the stock move to the waste pile and to the foundation from the tableau.

How to Play a Solitaire Game Online?

The online solitaire game becomes quite special with a limited number of permitted moves. That said, let us talk about how to play Solitaire according to the rules. The game's objective is to shift all the playing cards from Tableau and Stock to the foundation in ascending order.

However, below is the stepwise guide on how to play Solitaire online.

  • During a new game of free solitaire online, check if any of the face-up cards in the tableau are ace. If yes, then move the aces to the foundation pile before moving any other card.
  • Move the face-up card to another pile of tableau if you can't move it to the foundation pile. You can move the card from one tableau to another. However, it is possible only if the card you're moving is of lower rank and a different colour than the card it is being placed on.
  • After moving the face-up or top card to the foundation or another tableau, you'll reveal the face-down card beneath it. Once the card is revealed, you can either move it to the foundation or another pile in the tableau.
  • You can also shift a group of consecutive cards of different colours together in a single move till the time the above-mentioned criteria are met.
  • The click action will move the first three cards or top cards (depending on the site or variation to the waste pile. Once the card is in the waste pile, you can move it either to the tableau in alternating color, foundation or open more cards.
  • There might come a time when moving the card to another tableau or foundation is not feasible. In such a situation, you need to open the face down cards from the stockpile by clicking on them.
  • You must open the playing cards from the stock in a free solitaire game online until you can shift a card either to the foundation or tableau pile.
  • Lastly, if you want to start a new tableau on an empty one, you must first move the highest card, king, to it. After that, the tableau follows the general ranking rule to move the card.
  • Keep playing the moves explained above until you've completed the sequence for all four suits of the card and arranged them in ascending order.

For a fun and fast paced experience, download rummybo from google play store for Android and from the App store for iOS mobile devices

Benefits of Playing Solitaire Game Online

Playing free online rummy bo games of Solitaire is a unique experience. It may not seem much to some players; however, the truth is different. You can gain a lot if you choose to play this game regularly. Here are a few reasons why you should play Solitaire online.


Solitaire is a relaxing game that soothes the mind and keeps anxiety at bay. Enjoying a few games from time to time can be immensely relaxing.

Shuns Boredom

Since it is not a highly complicated game, there is no stress to delivering high performance. This game can offer the correct dosage of entertainment after a long day at work or college.

Boosts Memory

You may not realise this, but boosting your memory becomes easy if you play Solitaire rummy bo games. You must focus and remember the cards you have drawn and unveiled during the game to make the right moves. Proper planning is required to form the correct sequence of cards to win the game.

Me Time

If you are looking for a game that you can play during your alone time, this is just the game for you. The game lets you analyse the circumstances and solve a few puzzles, giving you a sense of accomplishment.

In conclusion, playing a Solitaire game online can be a unique experience for card game lovers. Solitaire rummy bo games can deeply relax your mind and change a dull afternoon into an interesting one.

Scoring in Solitaire Game

The scoring in solitaire games is based on a general set of rules. These rules are:

  • If you move cards from the waste pile to a tableau, you get 5 points.
  • A move from the waste pile to the foundation pile gets you 10 points.
  • Moving cards from the tableau to the foundation pile scores you 10 points.
  • You are awarded five points for Flipping over a tableau card.
  • Moving cards from the foundation pile back to the tableau gets you minus 15 points.
  • If you directly move cards from the talon to the foundation, you get 10 points.
  • However, if you move a card first to the tableau, and then to a foundation, you get an extra 5 points.

Popular Variations of Solitaire Game

Over the decades, more than 100 variations of solitaire games have emerged. While some soared in the skies with popularity, some took a plunge to failure. Therefore, we have compiled a list of popular variations of the game you can play after opting for Solitaire game download.

Freecell Solitaire

The Freecell variant was created in the 1980s. It is played with a French deck of 52 playing cards arranged in the appropriate tableau. You have four storage piles to keep your cards in when playing Solitaire rummy bo games.

Each pile in this game has one face-up card. The number of face-down cards in the pile is one less than the pile number. In this variant, you can only move one card at a time in Freecell Solitaire online. The goal is to move all cards to the four foundation piles in the order of their suit.

Yukon Solitaire

This variation is played with a standard French deck of 52 cards but without stock and talon piles. When you enjoy Solitaire game play online, you can use all the cards to form a seven-tableau pile at the beginning of the game. Moreover, you can move groups of face-up cards within the tableau irrespective of their sequence.

Spider Solitaire

Spider Solitaire is one of the most challenging variations and witnesses the use of two card decks for the gameplay. It features 10 tableau piles in the layout.

Moreover, the cards are arranged according to their respective suits in descending order. It means that the cards in the tableau pile are positioned from King to Ace, i.e. you start with a King and end with an Ace of the same suit.

Here, your goal in Spider Solitaire is to arrange all cards from their respective suits in a sequence from King High to Ace low and shift them to the eight foundation piles.

TriPeaks Solitaire

Invented in 1989, TriPeaks is played with a 52-card deck. The variation gets its name from the three-pyramid card arrangement on the tableau. Each pyramid has four rows. While the base of each pyramid consists of four face-up cards, the remaining cards in the pyramids are face-down.

Like most free online Solitaire games, the goal is to clear all cards from the tableaus by breaking down the pyramids into sequence builds. To win the game, you need to place the cards with either one point lower or higher than the previous card, irrespective of suit.

Pyramid Solitaire

As the name suggests, this one gets its name from the layout of the cards dealt on the tableau in the shape of a Pyramid. Despite the lowest winning rate, you can achieve victory using a strategic approach.

This variation aims to deconstruct the pyramid by pairing two cards that equal the score of 13 points. Moreover, the suits of cards do not matter to the pairs. Players can check out the stockpile only once in Pyramid solitaire. You get to draw only one card at a time from the Stockpile to find a match for cards laid on the pyramid.

Tips & Tricks for Winning Solitaire Game

When you play Solitaire online, the success rate of winning is the least. So, here are a few tips to improve your win rate in the game.

  • The first to play the Solitaire game online and score those extra 5 points is to avoid moving cards directly from the waste pile to the foundation.
  • Try and move all four Aces to the foundation soon. Having them in the tableau pile shall hinder your progress and stop you from manoeuvring your moves.
  • When you play free online Solitaire games, do not rush to make empty spaces without a king to start the pile. It is because you won't be able to do much without a King.
  • Make sure the suit of the King you place in an empty pile can immediately form a tableau or else your moves and the space get wasted.
  • It's always wise to shift cards from rows with the most face-down cards to try and finish the game sooner.

Now that we have covered the tips & tricks for winning the game and ensuring a fun experience, you can have Solitaire downloaded on your mobile device by installing the rummybo app.

Solitaire Game - FAQ

Two player Solitaire games aren't very out there but if you choose to play Double Solitaire variation online, you can compete with another player in the same game and the player who finishes first, wins the game.

There exists different variations of Solitaire rummy bo games. Not all have the same probabilities of winning as per stats. For instance, Pyramid Solitaire has a success rate of 1 in 50 games. Freecell Solitaire games have 99% winning probability and Tripeaks, the win rate is over 90%.

Since there are only 7 cards face up in the seven tableaus each at the beginning of a Solitaire game online, you will need to turn over the rest of the cards to win this game.

Klondike is the easiest of all Solitaire rummy bo games to win. It is one of the most basic Solitaire games and is perfect for new players who wish to learn the ropes and improve their game.

You can choose to open Microsoft Store on your PC and download the Microsoft Solitaire collection on the Microsoft Store for free. Play different exciting variations of free online Solitaire games such as Klondike, Tripeaks, Pyramid, Freecell and Spider Solitaire.

There exist 7 columns in a classic Solitaire game online. The first column on the left consists of one face card and the last one on the right consists of seven cards with the top card face up on the table.

Only seven cards, each top card at each of the seven columns remain face up in a Solitaire game. Rest of the cards stay face down at the beginning of the game.

There are more than 100 variations of solitaire since the game's inception. However, only a few versions of the game have achieved mass popularity. These variations are:

  • Classic Solitaire aka Klondike
  • Spider Solitaire
  • FreeCell Solitaire
  • Pyramid Solitaire
  • TriPeaks Solitaire

Yes, solitaire is extremely easy to learn. However, there are a few things you must remember while playing a Solitaire card game for the first time.

Focus and strategic thinking which involves few-steps-ahead moves and continuous practice are the key aspects to remember while trying to learn solitaire.

Winning every game of solitaire that you play is hard but not impossible. To achieve the said success rate of 100%, you would need to practice a lot and play almost as many games as you can in every possible difficulty level. If you're able to do this, then there is a chance for you to win every game that you play.

There is no fixed limit on the number of rows in solitaire. The number of rows in solitaire varies with the number of cards in each column. In the card game of solitaire, the number of rows can vary depending on the specific version being played. Some versions may have 7 rows, while others may have more or less. Without more specific information about which version of solitaire you are referring to, it is not possible to give a definite answer.

There are multiple apps to play solitaire games online. However, you must refrain from using any website to play solitaire games online as it might harm your computer or divulge your personal information.

The foundation in solitaire is a separate pile where the cards are stored as per their suits in sequential ascending order, starting from the Ace to the King.

Solitaire is entirely a game of skill, where you've to play the cards with complete focus and strategic thinking. It helps you to sharpen your skills used in daily life like focus, strategizing and patience which can help you improve your gaming skills and overall personal attributes.

The method to deal with solitaire depends entirely on your mode of playing - online or offline. If you're playing online, then the cards are dealt with automatically. However, when playing offline the player must shuffle the cards after removing the joker and instructional cards from the standard deck of 52 cards and then deal the cards.

The least number of moves needed to win solitaire depends on your skill level in the game and the amount of practice you've had. However, you would need 52 moves to arrange the 52 cards in ranking and different suits, figuratively.

The solitaire game has no definitive date of invention. However, according to historians, the game was invented in the European region during the late 18th century exclusively for the royals.

TWith the advancement in technology, it has become easier to play solitaire games both offline and online. However, the rise in popularity has resulted in some online apps for mobile devices of iOS and android platforms.

You can download the trusted apps from the Play Store or the official website for android platforms and from the App Store for the iOS platform depending on your device.

You can win almost 80% of solitaire games. However, it does not imply that you will win 80% of the time. FreeCell and Pyramid have the highest and lowest winning odds in any Solitaire game. In FreeCell, about 99% of the games are winnable, but the figure drops to 0.5-5.5% in Pyramid Solitaire.

The game level from easy to grandmaster in Solitaire is solvable after a lot of practice. However, sometimes the random difficulty level might be insolvable as the deck might be dealt at an impossible level.

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