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Spider Solitaire

The primary goal of the Spider Solitaire online game is to arrange all 13 cards of each suit in an ascending order from the King on the top all the way to Ace low in descending order. As per the rules of Spider Solitaire game online, when a suit is completed this way, it is lifted off and discarded into the waste piles in the top corner of the screen. Win a particular solitaire game play online once all cards of the eight suits are arranged sequentially and discarded from the table

Spider Solitaire Online - Game History

The Spider Solitaire online game derives its existence from the popular card based puzzle game, Solitaire. The game took birth in the year 1949, and name of the game comes from the eight legged Spider that refers to the eight foundation piles in the Spider Solitaire game online that must be filled with descending sequences to be the winner. If you have played Classic Solitaire and liked it, it is safe to assume you are here looking to dial it up with this colourful smacker version of the same. Spider Solitaire online game is the next most popular version of Solitaire, some would say, the Spider Solitaire game online version is much more fun than the parent game. The core gameplay of Spider Solitaire online game is similar to Classic Solitaire, however, there are certain tweaks that makes the free Spider Solitaire game more engaging than the former. It is the perfect single player game that can help you call a night after a long day or maybe de-stress during lunch breaks. Let's know all about the Spider Solitaire Online Game to help you get started today.

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Deck of Cards in Use in Use

Typically, when you play a free Spider Solitaire game online, two decks of 52 cards each are used that make up a total of eight foundations consisting of 2 similar suits each in play.

Spider Solitaire Game Online - Gameplay

In the Spider Solitaire play online, 10 piles of 5 cards each are dealt in piles in separate rows. The top cards of each pile are placed face up and the rest of the four cards in each pile are laid face down in the Spider Solitaire online game.

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Arrangement of Cards in Tableau Columns

Any free Spider Solitaire game online can be played using multiple suits to increase or decrease the difficulty of the game. Here's the arrangement in the two most popular versions of the Spider Solitaire game online.

Spider Solitaire 2 Suits

When you play Spider Solitaire 2 suits, 2 decks of cards with only two suits, say diamonds and clubs will be in play throughout the game. You will have to rearrange the shuffled suited cards in the free Spider Solitaire game online of two suits and make sequential columns of respective suits to finish the game.

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Spider Solitaire 4 Suits

Spider Solitaire 4 suits are comparatively more difficult than single suits games or even Spider Solitaire 2 suits as there are more suits in play. Hence, there are greater possibilities of ending up with blocked moves and the game resulting in a dead end. So, you must be extremely careful when making each move in Spider Solitaire 4 suits to win the game. To know how exactly the classic Spider Solitaire online game is being played, read on.

How to Play Spider Solitaire Game?

  • Action begins in Spider Solitaire play online by moving any one card that's face up from among the eight piles of cards.
  • If more than one card in descending order and suit from below follows the sequence rules, they can be moved from one tableau to another together at once
  • As such, you will find there will be several broken half made suited sequences throughout the Spider Solitaire game until you are done piling them all into suited sequences and placing them into the eight foundations
  • In the Spider Solitaire game online, any card that's face up can be moved from the end of one tableau to another tableau if it can add up to a descending sequence, doesn't matter the suit. However, you may shift an entire pack of cards of the descending sequence to add to another column if they all belong to the same suit in Spider Solitaire play online.
    Example: 9? ,8? ,7? can all be moved at once to another tableau whose top card is 10?. So, when you play the Solitaire online game, try and arrange cards of the same suit in a descending sequence as much as possible, otherwise, sooner or later, you will end up with limited moves.
  • In the free Spider Solitaire game online, once you manage to move all cards in a descending order of the same suit together in a particular column, the pile of cards will be automatically removed from the column into the discard pile at the top corner of the screen.
    Example: K?,Q?,J?,10?, 9?,8?,7?,6?,5?,4?,3?,2?,A?.
  • If you manage to assemble an entire suit in this order in the Spider Solitaire online game, this entire deck of cards shall be tabled off onto the discard pile and shall no longer be in play.
  • When a tableau becomes empty after all cards are being discarded from that particular section, you can fill them with any single card or a pack of cards as long as they are arranged in a descending order and belong to the similar suit in the free Spider Solitaire game online.

Stock Pile

When you play the Spider Solitaire game online, if you see you are running out of possible valid moves, you can always pick up new cards from the stock pile by simply clicking on it at the top left corner of the screen. At once, 10 new cards will be placed face up, one each on each of the ten piles, including any empty tableau.

Undo Button in Spider Solitaire

Whenever during the game, if at any point you realised you made a possibly wrong move that ends up blocking further moves, you can always click or tap on the undo button on the bottom of the screen in the free Spider Solitaire game online. Doing so will reverse or undo the previous immediate move you made in the game. This shall give you an additional chance to play another move that will help you progress further in Spider Solitaire online game.

The Case of an Empty Tableau

As per Spider Solitaire game online rules, you must occupy all existing empty tableaus with at least one card before you can use the next set of cards from the Stockpile in case you find yourself running out of valid moves. You can do so by breaking an existing sequence and adding a few cards in a descending sequence onto an empty tableau in the Spider Solitaire online game.

How does the game end?

Once all cards are assembled together into their respective suits in a descending sequence in various existing columns, they all take off to be placed into the discard pile on the top right corner of the screen. All tableaus are therefore empty by the end, thereby you becoming the winner in Spider Solitaire play online.

How to Win in Spider Solitaire Play Online?

Spider Solitaire online games are fun but even better if you have a few tricks up your sleeve that could help you take straight shots to victory. So, here are a few hacks that you could apply to boost your win rate in the free Spider Solitaire game online.

  • Always attempt to reveal hidden cards whenever you can. Doing so will help you acquire more possible moves as well as lead you to empty piles in the Spider Solitaire online game.
  • The more empty piles you create, the more possible moves you get to progress further. You can also utilise empty piles to break up incomplete sequences and shifting them temporarily in Spider Solitaire play online while you enjoy access to more moves and reveal more hidden cards.
  • Try and build sequences with high ranking cards to open up more possibilities and shifting them to another column tableau when needed. You also have more possible moves to make up the sequences in the free Spider Solitaire game online.
  • It's always a good move to start an empty pile with the King. This is a perfect start when you wish to start fresh with new sequence builds. Also, it helps making sequence columns of the same suit to get rid of them faster and getting closer to finishing in Spider Solitaire online game. You may know as per the Spider Solitaire play online rules, you can not move "off suited" builds as one unit to another pile.

How to Opt for Spider Solitaire Downloads?

Choosing to play the free Spider Solitaire game online on Windows is easy. Not to mention, there are plenty of Spider Solitaire downloads available on Play Store these days so you can get your hands on it on your smartphone.
Here's how you get the Spider Solitaire downloads on Windows PC

  • Go to the search bar on Windows PC
  • Type in Spider Solitaire game
  • The Microsoft Solitaire collection shall open up on your screen
  • You can click on free Spider Solitaire online game
  • Play as many free games you want!

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Spider Solitaire - Spider Solitaire - FAQ

The best free Spider Solitaire game apps are in plenty today. Simply type in free solitaire games and a good number of websites shall crop up. You can also choose to go for Spider Solitaire downloads in your Windows PC from the Microsoft Solitaire collection.

The Spider Solitaire game online is based on your skills that need you to make calculative moves to unlock more possible moves. Of course, a tad bit of luck is always involved in terms of the placement of cards but ultimately it's your actions that determine the outcome of the free Spider Solitaire game.

If you happen to make any moves that limit future moves, you can always undo that move by tapping the undo button in Spider Solitaire play online.

In Spider Solitaire play online, Foundations are the horizontal piles where you need to build the piles of sequences by shifting cards from one tableau to another.

You can opt for free Spider Solitaire downloads directly from the Microsoft collection and play the most premium version of the Spider Solitaire online game for free on your PC. Alternatively, you can choose to download any solitaire app from the Play Store or App store and play Solitaire games for free.

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