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21 Card Rummy

21 card Rummy is one of the oldest variations of the Indian Rummy game that is similar to the more recent and faster version of the game, 13 card rummy. The basic rules are more or less similar, but due to more number of cards per deal, 21 Card Rummy is an extensive variation with an elaborate set of terminologies that calls for an interesting blend of strategies and execution to crack the game.

You can play a 21 card rummy game for simple points and also real money depending on the platform you play online at or if you choose to play with friends for stakes. It is true that if you master this variation, the sister variations such as Points Rummy and Deals Rummy become a lot easier to hack. So, without much ado, let's figure out how to play, understand the 21 cards rummy rules and possibly, a few tricks to gain a winning edge over your opponents.

Objective of the Game

When you play 21 cards Rummy online, the ultimate objective of the game is to sort all 21 cards in your deal into valid combinations of sets and sequences before your opponents' do. If you play multiple deals of 21 card Rummy games, the player with the maximum score is declared the winner.

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21 Card Rummy Rules

A game of 21 card rummy follows the standard rummy rules but comes with some additional elements that makes it worth your time and challenge.

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Learn the Basic rules to play 21 Card Rummy Game

  • To play this variation, you need to carry 3 decks of 52 cards each with jokers in play.
  • All players need to pick up one card each on their turn from the closed deck of cards to form their combinations and throw another card into the discard pile to replace the card picked. You can also throw the card you pick on to the discard pile if you don't think it's of any use to you.
  • Printed Jokers are wild in this game.
  • Unlike most variants, 21 card rummy rules feature the concept of Upper and Lower Jokers.
  • Upper Jokers are cards that are one rank higher than the wild card Joker. So, if 10 of hearts is the wild joker, Jack of hearts is the Upper Joker.
  • Similarly, Lower Jokers are cards that are one rank lower than the wild card Joker. So, if 3? is the Wild card Joker, 2 ? is the Lower Joker.
  • All three cards including the Wild Card, Upper Joker and Lower Joker are known as Value cards in the 21 card rummy game. For example, if K? is the wild card, then A?, K?, Q? are the value cards as per the rules of the game.
  • If you combine 3 serial cards (Jokers) of the same suit together, it is called a Marriage and is worth 100 points (also known as a pure sequence).
  • Players can use these jokers to form sequences and sets during the game as per the 21 cards rummy rules.
  • Jokers can be used to make Sets and Sequences in the gameby replacing missing cards in the combinations.
  • As per 21 Patti Rummy rules, a player needs to form at least 3 pure sequences to make a valid declaration. The remaining cards need to be arranged in valid sets and sequences.

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However, as mentioned earlier, there are some additional elements that players need to comprehend to play a successful game of rummy. Firstly, let's glance through the kind of combinations you need to make with your hand.

Combinations in 21 Card Rummy Online

London or Tunnela

Tunnela is a pure sequence in 21 card Rummy. It is a combination of 3 similar cards of the same suit and same rank. Example: 7?,7?,7?. There is a catch though. You can't use a joker to make a Tunnela as per 21 patti rummy rules. So, if you make something like A?,7?,7? where A? is a Joker, it won't be a valid combination. Conversely, you can certainly use three printed Jokers to form a Tunnela.

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Dublees are any two identical cards of the same rank paired together. An example of this would be 5?5?. However, you cannot use a Joker with regular cards to form a Dublee. Instead, you can form a valid Dublee with two printed Jokers. So, for example, Q?Q? is a valid Dublee where both Qs are wild Jokers.


A meld consisting of one Joker, an upper Joker and a lower joker is called a Marriage or a Jackpot and is worth 100 points when you play 21 card rummy online. The reason behind the name of this combination can be realised in the number of points you get. 100 points are acquired from each player staying in the game when you hit a jackpot. In case you are lucky enough to pull off some cool 21 cards rummy tricks in the game and score 2 or 3 marriages in the game, you get a bonus score of 300 points and 500 points respectively from each active player in the game.

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How to Make a Winning Hand in a 21 Card Rummy Game?

When you play this game on a 21 card rummy app, there are multiple ways to make a winning hand as per 21 Cards Rummy tricks.

  • Meld at least 3 pure sequences and the rest into impure sequences and sets
  • Meld at least 3 Tunnelas. In this case, there is no need to arrange the rest of the cards.
  • Meld at least 8 Dublees. In this case as well, there is no need to meld the rest of the cards.
  • Meld 8 Jokers into a single group. Similarly, you do not need to arrange the rest of the cards in any fashion.

Option to Drop out

When you play 21 cards rummy online, there are times when you receive a gutter hand that is simply not worth playing. Or maybe, your progress during the game is so slow that the chances to win the game is less likely.

In such cases, you get the option to drop out at different stages of the game when you play on a 21 card rummy app.

However, such a move shall cost you penalty points in negative.

  • If a player decides to drop out of the game without playing a single round, it is called First Drop and the player will lose 30 points.
  • If the player decides to drop out in the middle of the game, he or she will lose 60 points.
  • Dropping the game by the end shall cost you 120 points.
  • Any player who manages to make a valid show receives the total score of all his or her opponents in the game.

These penalty points, however, may differ from game to game and the app you are playing at.

Value of cards in 21 Card Rummy Game

The value of cards in 21 card rummy online are elaborate in nature and shall take a few games to wrap your head around. To keep it simple, just remember this. All players who stay in the game till the end shall receive positive scores for their value cards. Similarly, players also receive negative scores for value cards other players hold in the game. As we mentioned earlier, value cards are Jokers that are chosen before the game begins and the ensuing Upper and Lower Jokers that are derived from it.

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We shall lay down the same for points scored with value cards in a simple chart.

Value Cards (Jokers)

One Card 

2 Cards

3 Cards

Joker of the same suit

10 points

30 points

50 points

Upper Joker

10 points

30 points

50 points

Lower Joker

10 points

30 points

50 points

Regular Scores

  • A player can get a maximum of 120 negative points in case he ends up losing the game irrespective of the value of cards he is left with.
  • However, the total score any player can maximum lose in a single game of 21 card rummy is capped at 200 points. This score also includes the points of value cards, if any.
  • Cards that consist of a marriage shall be scored collectively. No additional points will be gained for individual cards in a jackpot or marriage as per 21 cards rummy rules.
  • In the event that a player makes an invalid show, he or she shall exchange points with the opponents for their value cards.

final formula of the total score?

Total score equals to - Points Won ( plus points to winning player & minus points for losing players) + points scored for value cards, if any (from player except for those who dropped out) - Points scored for value cards (to active players)

21 Cards Rummy Tricks to Win

21 card rummy games are unlike any other and require you to play smart right off the bat. Here are a few tricks that you can use to enjoy more success in this challenging game.

  • Since the number of cards dealt are too many for a hand, make sure to arrange and sort them well as per their suits and possible combinations to clear your mind and strategize fast.
  • Focus on making your pure sequence in the first few moves as it is the key to make a valid show and win the game.
  • Throw away any high value cards if they are not helping you make a pure sequence. Instead, focus on cards that can help you form more tunnels and dublees as they too contribute to a valid show.
  • Many won't tell you this but kindly take note. When you are dealt a weak hand and you don't see anything great coming in the first few moves, it is better to drop out of the game. The sooner, the better instead of collecting negative points. This holds especially true when you are playing the game for real money.

21 Cards Rummy - FAQ

21 cards rummy game is one of the challenging variations of Indian Rummy where the goal is to achieve the highest possible score by making valid combinations of cards as per the game rules. These combinations include one mandatory pure sequence, tunnelas, dublees and jackpots to win this game. F

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