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rummy bo games are competitive, often cooperative games that require foresight, strategy and sometimes, intuition to win. Playing rummy bo games online like Call Break Multiplayer during holidays adds an extra layer of fun and thrill. The charm of this game not only lies in its customizable nature but also in the engaging feel, captivating theme and the intriguing nature of the Call Break game rules.

The Call Break rules of the game combine elements of strategy and unpredictability to keep players on the edge of their seats. It is a gem among rummy bo games guaranteeing an experience that transcends the ordinary, and is best fit among groups of 4 players. If you haven't explored this game yet, it's worth dedicating a few minutes to familiarize yourself with the Call Break game rules to get started.

Important Call Break Game Rules

At first glance, the Call Break game rules may seem intricate to beginners. However, despite its outward complexity, the foundational rules of the Call Break Cash game offer a user-friendly stepping point, allowing players to easily become acquainted with the basics.

Trump Suit

To begin with, Spades (?) is the default Trump suit as per the Call Break rules. Therefore, any card from another suit, regardless of rank, will be defeated by a Spades card based on the Call Break Multiplayer rules. This means, even the 2 of Spades (?) can defeat an Ace of diamonds (?) or any other suit.

Game Objective

The objective of the Call Break game is to collect maximum hands, also known as tricks, and thereby, score the highest number of points.


Each trick carries one point. Any additional tricks shall give you 0.1 extra points as per Call Break Multiplayer rules.

Call Value

You miss the value of your call if you collect fewer tricks than you bid as mentioned in the Call Break rules in Hindi.

Number of Cards

All players are dealt 13 cards from a 52 playing cards deck and thus, 13 hands are played in each round of Call Break.

Card Ranking

The cards are ranked from high to low in terms of their strength: A K Q J 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2. Ace is the most powerful card as per its rank and hence, beats cards of other value. The Ace of Spades is the most powerful trump card of all and can beat Aces of diamonds, hearts and clubs.

Primary Goal

As per the Call Break game rules, the primary goal is to win as many hands as possible, or at minimum, the amount that the participant bids on before the game begins.

Negative Points

Winning lesser number of hands than you bid will result in negative points. So, you must assess the number of bids carefully to avoid points deduction. Precision in bidding is crucial to navigate the game successfully and avoid potential setbacks.

How to Play Call Break Game

Call Break card game is played using a French deck of 52 playing cards among four players. Each game has a dealer who is one of the participants. As stated in the Call Break rules, the first dealer is chosen at random. After then, the next participant on the dealer's right takes turn to play as per the Call Break game rules.

Once the cards are dealt to the four players in this game, all of them must declare the number of hands or tricks (minimum is 2 and maximum can be 12) they anticipate to win out of the 13 possible hands.

To collect the estimated number of hands in a deal, is known as a Call in the Call Break game. Hence, the name of the game.

According to the Call Break rules, Call is the number of tricks a player believes he or she will win in a game and therefore, one bids accordingly. As per the Call Break rules in Hindi, a player must make a call of at least one hand in order to play. To win a deal, you must firstly break the call and win as many hands as possible as per the rules of Call Break game.

Call Break Gameplay

The player nearest to the dealer takes the lead for the first toss as per the Call Break card game rules, followed by the winner of each trick for the subsequent tosses. Each player must throw a card of the same suit as the first player based on the rules of Call Break. To win a hand, you must play a higher-ranking card of the same suit than your opponent.

In case you don't have a card of the same suit, then you can toss a Spades card to win the trick. Each trick is won by the player with the highest-ranking card of the suit being led. Only a card of Spades can override even the highest-ranking card of another suit and win the trick.

Here's an example.

  • Player A throws Queen of Hearts (?)
  • Player B throws King of Hearts (?)
  • Player C plays 7 of Spades (?)
  • Player D plays 3 of Hearts (?)

In a typical scenario, Player B would have won the round by playing the highest-ranking card of the suit led, King of Hearts (?) if everyone would have played the same suit. However, as per Call Break trump rules, Player C will win the hand as he trumps the King of Hearts with 7 of Spades (?).

Scoring Rules in Call Break Game

  • The goal of this game is to collect as many tricks as possible as you call.
  • And if you win less tricks, you will lose the exact amount of your call as per the Call Break card game rules.
  • For instance, if you make a call of 5 but only score 4, you will lose 5 points according to the rules of Call Break.
  • And if the score you call and the score obtained are both the same i.e. 5 points, youwins 5 points.
  • In case if you score an extra two hands, you receive 5.2 points.
  • Each Call break game online is typically played in a series of 4 rounds. In the end, the scores from all four games are tallied together based on the Call Break Rules, and the player with the highest average score derived from all four rounds is declared the winner.

Call Break Winning Tricks

Here are a few tricks you can apply to increase your chances of winning in Call Break.

  • Use the trump cards judiciously because they help you to win more tricks due to their superior strength derived from the Call Break card game rules.
  • Keep a watchful eye on the cards played by your opponents to understand the risk involved when planning your moves.
  • Always set your goal accurately to win the exact amount. For example, if you bid five calls, you must score at least five tricks to break the call.
  • Either save the highest trump cards for the beginning or end of the game. Playing them in the beginning forces your opponents to play their own trumps and disrupt their game strategy.
  • Playing them towards the end of the game can help you win unexpected tricks with even smaller trumps.

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Call Break Rules - FAQ

Call Break is a game of bids and tricks in which the goal is to gather the most points in a set number of rounds as per the Call Break game rules. Even though the origins of this game are uncertain, it is said to be modelled on the famous card game, Spades.

That said, it doesn't have any specific historical or cultural origin. And players believe the name could have been chosen simply to reflect the nature of the game and its mechanics.

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