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Real Money Games

real money games are the buzzword for a good reason today. Due to the aggressive penetration of smartphones into the hands of the middle class and the relentless hours of entertainment that virtual gaming offers to the masses today, winning real money is a bonus as well as a dividend that you don't really wish to miss out on.

India has already been familiar and friendly with rummy bo games for decades. Diving in on the admiration, the market of online games that pay real money is booming exponentially in India and real money rummy bo games are leading the wave. After all, when you can simply download the game of your choice in a matter of minutes and play away your skills to earn some quick bucks, who wouldn't ride the wave?

Having said that, we've got the best compilation of real money earning games today that you can play during spare time and make decent money. Good luck, if you find a knack for one of these bad boys, you are on your way to make some big bucks.

Top 5 Real Money Games That Can Fetch You the Big Bucks

Texas Hold'em Poker

No surprises there when a game of Poker comes to mind. It is the number one choice in skill based real money rummy bo games that can indeed fetch you a fortune if this happens to be the game for you. The proliferation of online poker platforms in the past few years and gaming apps in India is a testimony in itself.

Erstwhile, Poker was a solely western dominated sport that was often touted as a game of chance until the past few years broke that ancient mindset and brought the true nature of the game to light.

India is very much aware of the profitable scope of the game today and the amount of smart work that it entails when it comes to raking in the big bucks. Texas Hold'em and Omaha Poker are the big guns in this game and players today can enjoy a wide range and variety of series, tournaments across stakes simply by hitting the download button.

From skill betting to mastering the art of bluffing, Poker is an extraordinary game with a steep learning curve besides being a means to earn a side income. The game isn't everyone;s cup of tea, so make sure you practice the basics well, get along with your friends for a poker night before you play the big guns.

Just so you know, the basic idea behind this game is to make the best five card hand amongst your opponents through strategic wagering and win the pot money. Find the free tutorials on the poker app itself to brush the basics and get your first brush with the thrill of playinng this spectacular game online.

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Indian Rummy

It is true that the west brought Poker to India, but if there's one real money card game that India is proud of, it has to be Indian Rummy. A simple game of wit and some fun moves makes Indian Rummy the game of the masses. The rules of the game are simpler than Poker, but you will pay attention if you wish to play games and earn money in Rummy games.

Indian Rummy has many variations just like Poker, the most popular among them being Points Rummy, Pool Rummy and Deals Rummy. You can enjoy these play to earn games of Rummy on credible gaming apps and win some easy bucks instantly.

The best part is that you can play real money games online round the clock on the run, during lunch breaks or simply before you hit the hay and retire with a fuller account. Satisfying, isn't it?

If you ask what's the game's about, the basic nature of the game is that you are dealt a fixed number of cards which you need to arrange and make valid combinations as per the Rummy rules and be the first player to make a valid show.

Call Break

If you like trick taking games and don't mind some addiction once in a while, Call Break should be at the top of your list of online earning games. Inspired by another popular card game called Spades, Call Break requires you to collect the maximum number of hands or tricks to win a particular deal.

Call Break is one of the most strategic real money rummy bo games that requires acute attention as to what your opponents are up to and accordingly, you make your moves throughout the game. But there's a catch to this. This is a trick-taking card game that needs all players present to estimate the number of tricks they can collect even before the game begins. So, when you play money making games of Call Break, you must be extremely strategic of the number of bids you make because if you fail to reach the minimum count, you will lose.

Real money games of Call Break require highly strategic thinking and acute observation of the cards being played not just by you but also by your opponents. The highest card in every round wins the trick. However, Spades is the trump card here, so the more you got them, the better.

Call Break games can stretch for hours as the inherent unpredictability and ongoing excitement of reaching the goal makes for an exciting match. And when you add the quotient of earning money, why wouldn't you rack your brains for a couple of hours? The call break games real money game online is the perfect game that's best played among four players. You can learn and play this real money card game on the rummybo app for free. Once you get the hang of the rules, go up the ante and make some money!

Dehla Pakad

Carrying on the list forward of trick taking games, Dehla Pakad is next on our list. Played best among four players in teams of two sitting opposite one another, Dehla Pakad is Call Break with a bunch of new tweaks.

Played with a deck of 52 playing cards, the goal of this real money card game is to win maximum number of "tens" and the most number of tricks by throwing high value cards of the suit in play. All players are dealt 13 cards each, hence, the game continues until all 13 cards are played by all players.

Wondering if there is a trump in this game? Yes. However, unlike Call Break where the trump suit is Spades and is predecided before the game begins, in Dehla Pakad, things are a little different.

Here, when three players throw cards of the same suit led by the first player is trumped by an off suit card, that card becomes the trump suit for the rest of the game. The winner of Dehla Pakad real money games is decided by three unique results in the game since winning "tens" also add to determining the winner.

Irrespective of the number of hands or tricks won, if one team happens to win three "tens", they win the game. If a team happens to win all four "tens", it is called a Kot. Here as well, the team collecting the Kot wins the game. This interesting nature of gameplay makes real money earning games of Dehla Pakad totally worth your time.

T23 Game

Looking for more games that pay real money? Want to add some more thrill? We saved the best for the last. rummybo introduces its exclusive variation of Teen Patti game, aka, T23! Unlike Teen Patti which is a game of chance, T23 is a skill based real money game online that mimics a few rules of the former.

The hand rankings are inspired by the Teen Patti game itself. For instance, A trio(A?,A?,A?) is the highest rank followed by a suited run or a pure sequence (K?,Q?,J?), and then a sequence (J?,10?,9?) and Colour ( A?3?9?) and so on. So, what's the catch in T23? Well, in this game, all players are dealt 8 cards each. The objective of the game is to divide these cards into groups of 3, 2 and 3. In these groups, you need to make the strongest hands possible.

Those hands are compared to the hands of your opponents and the one with the stronger hands wins the points. The winner is the player with the maximum number of points. We say this variation of money earning games is much better because you have the opportunity to meld the cards allotted to you and make the strongest possible hands rather than leaving the results purely up to chance.

Well, this was our list of top play to earn games that's making noise in the gaming town of year 2022. None of them are better or worse than each other, its just a matter of preference or your style of play. The best part? All these games are ready to play on the rummybo app. Play for free or for stakes, the choice is entirely yours.

Real Money Games FAQ

rummybo is the best app to play real money games in India as it features the best of all cards tied in a single app. It offers tons of entertainment and opportunities to develop skills that would be second to none and win real money.

RNG certified app to dictate fair play along with a strong pan India user base makes rummybo one of India's best destinations for card game enthusiasts and experts.

At rummybo, you can play real money games of Rummy, T23, Poker, Call Break and Dehla Pakad. Moreover, you can play five different variations of Rummy across difficulty levels on the app offering players of all levels to win real money.

Some apps might take some precious time of yours to pay cash rewards. However, at rummybo every game offers real money and pays the said reward instantly. All you gotta do is pick the game of your choice , choose the stakes and play to win real money.

You can play online real-money games and win cash rewards seamlessly without becoming a victim of any fuss. To play these amazing games, download the rummybo app on your mobile device ( if you're on Android OS and rummybo App if you're on iOS), sign up and add money to your account and play real-money games online. Rank high on the leaderboards to win more money.

Features like RNG Certification, and responsible gaming modernistic apps ensure fair play in real-money games. End-to-end encryption of transactions is another key aspect of a real money gaming app. All these features are collectively embedded in rummybo, India's leading online app for real money games.

With countless applications in the market for online real money games and a few launching every day, it is normal to feel concerned about the safety of adding money to an online real money games wallet. However, at rummybo, every user account is KYC verified to ensure secure transactions and eliminate chances of fraud.

Online money games are perfectly legal in India per the Gambling Act of 1867. While a few state governments have restricted cash games in their respective states such as Assam, Telangana and Odisha; if you reside outside this jurisdiction that prohibits real money play, you can play online games for cash on legit licensed apps and earn money online.

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