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Old Maid Game

Old Maid card game is a classic shedding game that is enjoyed by people of all ages. This game is an old wagering variation in which the loser is responsible for covering the cost of the drinks. It is especially popular with children and families because it is easy to learn and fun to play. The Old maid card game rules are very simple, and even beginners can play the game within minutes. The shedding game is perfect for parties or get-togethers and suits well as a drinking game too, and it's one of the most exciting games you'll ever play.

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Objective of The Game

The objective of the Old Maid game is to create and dump pairs of cards rather than finish the game with the odd card (a queen also referred as Old Maid). By all means, players must refrain themselves from ending up with the Odd Queen in their hand by the time the game ends.

How to Play Old Maid Game?

The Old Maid game is the only game with a mismatched standard deck of cards. The removal of three queens from a regular card deck will result in the creation of an odd card in this game. The Old Maid is the only remaining queen.

The dealer, who will shuffle and distribute the cards, should be chosen first. Till all cards have been distributed, any player may shuffle the pack and give each card to a player. It's perfectly alright if some players wind up with one card more than others. Only two of the three cards from a player's hand are removed if they have three of a kind in an Old Maid card game. For instance, since they are both red, a six of hearts and a six of diamonds would be a duo. The six of spades is black, thus pairing a six of hearts with it would be impossible.

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Old Maid Game Rules

  • The player on the left then draws one card from the dealer's hand as per the Old Maid rules, which is then fanned out face down to the player on the table. Any pairs that may have been created by the drawn card are discarded by this player. After that, the player extends their own hand to the person to their left.
  • According to the Old Maid card game rules, a player is secured and can stand in line until the game is over when they have no more cards in their hand. Forming a pair with a card already in play or allowing the player after you to take the last card from your hand will accomplish this tactic.
  • The player who committed the blunder loses and becomes the Old Maid if it is discovered that they intentionally threw two cards that are not a pair, resulting in three unpaired cards rather than one remaining at the end. There's a Old Maid card game rule that a player do not reveal your mismatched cards to anybody else

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Old Maid Game - FAQ

If you're thinking about playing the Old Maid card game, you have to start with 51 Old Maid cards by removing one Queen from the deck.

Some people think that the Old Maid game can be played with more than two players. However, in fact, the game can be played with two players also. It can be a fun and easy game to play with friends, and it's perfect for a parties and get togethers.

To play Old Maid with picture cards, players must first set up the game. They will need a deck of 52 cards out of which one queen has to be removed. Old Maid's goal is to eliminate every card in your hand without leaving you with the lone queen, the one unpaired card.

When you play the Old Maid game, you need to consider that once the cards are given, you get three Kings, an Ace, a 9, two 10s, a 2, a 5, a 9, and two Jacks. You can pair the Kings, 10s, and Jacks. The player must throw away any pair on the center pile if that forms a pair with a card you draw during the game.

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