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500 Rummy

500 Rummy is a popular variation of Indian Rummy that is said to have originated from Canasta Rummy. It has got many popular names such as Michigan Rummy, Pinochle Rummy and Persian Rummy. Played with a standard deck of 52 cards with a couple of jokers, the 500 Rummy rules follow the standard play but have a few cool tweaks that makes it different from other variations in the Rummy family.

Best played among three to five players, you will love this version if you like the standard Game of Rummy . So, let's bring in some new flavours and learn how to play 500 Rummy online with friends.

500 Rummy Rules

Let's check out the 500 Rummy rules with jokers and without jokers, so that you can get playing once you're done reading.

  • As discussed just now, if a player draws a card from the discard pile, the rest of the cards along with the card drawn need to be melded at once or they get added to the hand.
  • Until the card picked is played correctly, the remaining cards picked along with it cannot be used as per the 500 Rummy rules.
  • In the 13 Card Game, there are a total of 8 jokers: 4 printed jokers and 4 wild card jokers.
  • During a turn, players have the option to lay down melds, if any.
  • Or, he or she may choose to lay down one or more cards to the existing melds laid out, if they match. For instance, if there is a meld of a set of 3 cards of the same rank and you have another one of the same rank, you can add it to the meld as per the 500 Rummy rules.
  • The player will seat at the gaming table with the closest feasible point multiple if the cash amount in their account is less than the maximum necessary, which is 3 times the point value.
  • Jokers are wild and can be used to represent any card in your hand even in the case the card is used in another meld.
  • A single round of 500 Rummy online is over when a player runs out of cards in his or her hand. This occurs when all cards are sorted into melds or laid off or simply when the stock pile runs out of cards.
  • Also called "picking up to hit", players only get to pick up cards from the throw pile if it can be used to lay down a meld using the card that's picked up.
  • The game is over when a player throws the last card in the hand and points are awarded to each player as per the melds they lay when the game ends.
  • The winner is the first player who collects 500+ points.

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How is Points Calculated in 500 Rummy

The Rummy 500 points system is simple to understand and execute. In this card game, face cards carry 10 points each including the card ranked 10. Cards Ace to 9 carry 5 points each. If an Ace is used in a meld is used as Ace High, then it counts for 15 points. All Jokers carry 15 points each as per Rummy 500 scoring rules.

  • To start the scoreboard, all players should score at least 30 points for their first game.
  • As per the rules of the game, all players receive points as per the value of all cards sorted into melds by the end of the game.
  • There are no points for the Joker.
  • The total score of each player as per their melds is tallied.
  • The points for the unmatched or unmelded cards are then subtracted from the total score.
  • The difference in points is subtracted or added from the existing score as per the cards in the hand. For instance, if a player scores 60 points for his or her melds, and the remaining cards in the hand add another 10 points, then the actual score will be 50 points, 10 points being subtracted from the original score.
  • In the event more than one player scores 500 Rummy points in the same hand, the player who goes out is the winner.

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500 Rummy Gameplay

The gameplay is similar to the standard Indian Rummy game but comes with a few perks. Players pick up face down cards from the stockpile to make melds and throw away any wanted cards into the discard pile at the center of the table.

Like the regular variant, players can also pick cards from the discard pile if they need them, however, the 500 Rummy rules allow you to do more. Here, instead of just picking the top card from the discard pile, you are allowed to pick any other card from the throw pile if you need one, however, the order of cards in the pile cannot be changed.

However, there's a catch to this perk.

  • When you select any lower card from the discard pile, you must pick up all other cards sitting at top of the card you pick.
  • The card you select from the discard pile must be immediately put to use.
  • You can either use it to form a new meld or add it to an existing meld.

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Besides this, all players take turns in picking cards to form their melds until one of them reaches 500 Rummy points and wins the game. However, to play the game right, you need to know the rules of the game.

Formation of Melds

Like a regular Indian Rummy game, a player has the option to make two kinds of melds to score points in Rummy 500 online. You need to make the following combinations.


A set is a combination of 3 or more cards of the same rank or number but of different suits. A?,A?,A? is an example of a set.


A sequence is a combination of 3 or more cards in a serial order. A? K? Q? J? is an example of a sequence.

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500 Rummy - FAQ

Here's the scoring rules for 500 Rummy games

  • For starters, all players must gain at least 30 points in the first deal of the game.
  • When a game ends, players get points according to the value of the cards in the melds.
  • The score of the unmelded cards are substracted from the score of the melded cards.
  • Whatever the difference in points, it is thereby added or substracted from the total score.
  • Therefore, say, you score 70 points for your melded cards, and you got three unmatched cards whose score would be 30 points. So, the final score will be 70-30=40 points.
  • After playing multiple deals, the player who hits a score of 500 points first wins the game.

According to Rummy 500 scoring rules, if Ace is counted as low, it is worth 5 points. On the contrary, Ace High is worth 15 points if melded in a sequence of A,K,J and so on.

The number of cards dealt depend on the number of players in the Rummy 500 game. If a game consists of 2 to 3 players, players are dealt 7 cards each. If the number of players are 4 or more, 13 cards are dealt in every hand to all players in the game.

You can download a 500 Rummy app directly from the Play Store or App store depending on the device you wish to play at. Install the app for free and play 500 rummy online with friends round the clock.

You can play 500 Rummy games simply by downloading an online gaming app from the Play Store or App store. You may also find online gaming sites that offer free games of rummy. To explore more exciting variations of Rummy such as Points Rummy, Deals Rummy and Points Rummy, feel free to download the rummybo app from its official website. Go through the basics with the tutorials and play free and cash games as you like and win real money.

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