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Indigenous rummy bo games of India carry their own personality and charm which is why we always keep going back to them irrespective of the availability of countless other choices. The Lakadi game is one such online card game that resonates among the popular culture of India. It wouldn't be bragging if we say, the Lakadi wala game is an absolute entertainer that diminishes time when enjoyed best among a tight group of friends

Lakadi Ka Game Overview

So, let's not dawdle and get to know all there is to know about this brain teaser aka the Lakadi ka game as the locals like to call it. It's time to spawn some lasting good times with your friends so that after we're done here, you can go for Lakadi game download without a second thought.

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Stay tuned till the very end, because we shall spill in some trivia and cool hacks on how to win this game every time as well as some inside info on how to enhance your gaming sessions starting today. But more on that later.

Back to the subject, due to its popularity over time, the Lakdi game is known by different names among different regions of India.

How to Play

The Lakadi wala game is played with a single standard deck of 52 cards with four players. If there's a large group of friends to play the Lakadi ka game with, it should be exactly 8 in number which also means there will be 2 decks of cards.

The Lakadi game is essentially a trick taking game that one must play strategically to become a winner. Experience plays a superior role in the Lakdi wala game because the more play, the more you comprehend the nuances and variables so as to not allow a single move go to waste and keep it tight. There's an exclusive catch to this game that makes it inherently fun, which we shall jot down in the game rules right about now.

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Important Rules to Play

Firstly, we will jot down the most important rules of the Lakadi game. These are essentially the game changers, here take a good look.

  • All 4 players are dealt 13 cards each.
  • Jokers are absent in the Lakdi game.
  • Ace is the highest in rank, 2 is the lowest in the Lakadi ka game.
  • All players must make a number of bids as per the quality of cards they are dealt before the round begins.
  • These bids are made based on the number of rounds, hands or tricks they can possibly win in the Lakdi game.
  • If you win the exact number of tricks, you are scored in points that equals the number of your bids.
  • If you win more than the predicted number of bids in the Lakadi ka game, you win 0.1 points for each additional bid.
  • If you fail to break the call or win the estimated number of bids, you are scored negative points equal to the number of bids you made.
  • All cards of all suits except Spades carry points equal to their corresponding rank.
  • However, Spades is the trump suit in the Lakadi wala game and therefore, trumps all cards of the three other suits in the Lakadi game. Hence, even a 2 of Spades can beat the highest ranked card of any other suit.
  • Whoever wins a bid in a particular round gains the power to begin the next hand when you opt for Lakadi game download.
  • This is crucial as you get to decide the lead suit for the next round and stick to your winning strategy in the Lakadi game.

So, when you opt for lakadi game download to play with your friends, please keep these points in mind to understand this online tash game better and increase your scope of winning.


The Ladki wala gameplay is not that hard to wrap your mind around and shall take a couple of demo games to get you gaming in no time. This is a quick and easy to read brief on how to play the card game right so that you can tap on the Lakadi game download instantly.

  • All players are dealt 13 cards each.
  • Each Lakadi ka game consists of 2 to 3 rounds.
  • The goal of the Lakdi card game is to collect as many hands or bids as possible by using high ranked cards and top the scoreboard.
  • Therefore, these bids can make or break your game.
  • The Lakadi wala game starts clockwise from the player sitting on the right side, immediately next to the dealer.
  • When the first player starts a round by throwing a card of a particular suit of his choice, all 3 players must throw cards of the same suit.
  • If any of the 3 players do not have a card of the running suit, he/she can play a card of a different suit. He can choose to play a Spade as well and trump the other cards and win that hand in the Lakadi tash ka game.
  • However, do note that if a third player also has run out of cards of the same suit, he can trump your move with a bigger spade.
  • The remaining hands in the Lakadi game are played in a similar fashion until all players have played all their cards in the Lakdi wala game.

How to Win a Hand in Lakadi wala Game

In order to win a hand in the Call Break game, you must throw the highest ranked card of the suit in play amongst all other players. As per the Lakdi game rules, like mentioned above, you can also choose to trump a hand with a spade if you are out of cards of the suit in progress.

Scoring and Deciding the Winner in Lakadi Ka Game

The player who scores the highest number of bids, tricks or hands and tops the leaderboard wins the Lakdi game. There is no limit to the number of rounds you can play in the Lakadi game. It is usually decided as per the amount of time you wish to keep playing. Typically, a quick Lakadi ka game can end when a player reaches 100 points. You can enjoy longer and more interesting sessions of Lakadi wala games by stretching the winning score to 500 points.

Tips to Win Lakadi Wala Game

And now is the time to enjoy some trivia and really cool hacks to win as many Lakadi games as you can and shine as a professional. You may thank us later!

  • The first and foremost rule to play a Lakdi card game to victory is to be able to figure the exact number of bids you are confident about.
  • So, if you have higher ranking cards of any suit other than trump, say, Ace or King, you can be certain of counting them in.
  • However, you must play them at the right time during the Lakadi game or they may not fare you well.
  • To ensure this, you must follow each and every card that your opponents play in every round of the Lakadi wala game.
  • For instance, if you have a king of diamonds, but not the Ace, wait till the opponent who has the Ace of diamonds plays that card.
  • Let him play and collect that inevitable bid, you can then safely play your King in the next round and win the bid without a challenge.
  • Another unusual hack to win bonus bids in the Lakadi ka game is to use even the smallest of trumps to make up for a lesser number of cards in the other suits.
  • For instance, if in a particular Lakadi game, you receive just 2 or 3 cards of the suit of clubs, but you have 4 or 5 trumps in your kitty, you can keep that in mind and use them at the right time when you are out of diamonds.
  • This way, you not only trump an unexpected bid, but also spoil your opponent's game. An extra bid in your kitty means one less for your opponent! Only a professional can see that move coming from time to time.
  • A more obvious winning tip for your Lakadi Tash ka game is to use your Trumps wisely. Just because you have more trump cards in your hand in a certain Lakdi wala game, doesn't mean they are all going to win you tricks. Like you, others will have their trumps, and if they have a few, they will use them more strategically than ever.
  • Your lower ranked trumps in Lakdi card game, most times might be out beaten by higher ranked trumps, unless you trump an ordinary hand with a lower spade.
  • Try not to consider face cards such as the Queen or Jack of ordinary suits for your bidding tricks in all certainty in the Lakadi game. If you do not have any better cards in the Lakdi tash ka game, be sceptical about it and play them only when the higher cards of those suits have been played.
  • However, do not wait to play the Queens and Jacks in the end as they will most likely be defeated by a trump.
  • Do not throw your trumps in Lakadi wala game at the beginning of each round, always save your best cards for the last, so that in case you mess up at some point, you can always count on those cards to help you break the call.

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Lakdi Tash Ka Game Conclusion

If this pinch of information has put your apprehensions to rest, feel free to opt for Lakadi game download today and work your neurons to score unlimited victories today! With the rummybo app on the go, there's no room for boredom any more, enjoy round the clock gaming sessions and play Lakadi games any time on the go. When bore, shuffle your brain with many more rummy bo games like dehla pakad game online, 3 Patti Game Online on the run to mix it up and keep the fun coming!

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